12 Sep

EMBL Photobooth

EMBL Photobooth 2The EMBO Meeting on Protein Synthesis and Translational Control: Not only great resarch and exciting science, but also great fun! Cool idea to have a photobooth and costumes available on the last day!


It was a great conference where I learned a lot. Also the atmosphere was very nice, I really enjoyed the meeting!

– Rebecca Moschall, PhD student


That was the first conference for me and it was a really exciting experience! Great talks, great people and lots of science… Can’t wait for the next one!

– Simona Palusci, visiting scientist


In sum: a great conference with great talks and good posters! It was also about meeting really friendly people and learning a lot about this research field. Also I am very happy that from our lab Becki had the opportunity to give a talk on her work.

– Stefan Reich, PhD student


It was exciting to get new insights into translational control and to discuss with other people! Particularly, the combination of structural biology and functional analyses is really great!

– Daniela Strauss, Research technician

20 Aug

Save the date! EMBO Conference: Protein Synthesis and Translational Control, September 9th-13th


Two weeks more to go! The EMBO Conference on Protein Synthesis and Translational Control at EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany) is coming up! And for most of us it’s going to be the first time participating in that meeting. We are all looking forward to five days of exciting talks, stimulating discussions and meeting old and new friends.

Furthermore, Rebecca will present her findings on Drosophila Sister of Sex Lethal during the Poster Session. Looking forward to seeing you there!

-Dominik Conrad, PostDoc

23 Jul

BioSysNet Meeting in Wildbad Kreuth

We just returned from wonderful Wildbad Kreuth in the Alps (see picture below) where we had a BioSysNet meeting. This time it was not only participants from the BioSysNet and BayGene networks, but also additional collagues from various places in Bavaria working on a variety of facinating topics. Becki had the chance to present her latest findings in a talk and Dominik had a poster depicting his research. We would like to thank the organizers for this wonderful meeting and our colleagues and friends for the stimulating discussions!


8 Jun

33. Rabensteiner Kolleg

Unfortunately, three days of a stimulating meeting have now come to an end… I had a wonderful time in the beautiful town of Pottenstein and enjoyed not only the familiar atmosphere and the stunning surroundings, but also the research that covered many different and interesting fields in molecular biology. I am very happy for the invitation and I would like to thank the organizers for giving me the opportunity to share my research by giving a talk.

– Rebecca Moschall, PhD student

Pottenstein2015_all(Picture courtesy of Gesine Domin, Mörl lab, Leipzig)

31 Mar

IRI RNA Symposium

IR_RNA_Symposium_webI recently returned from the symposium ‘From RNA Pools to Single RNA Molecules’ (March 23rd to 24th) organized by the Integrated Research Institute (IRI) for the Life Sciences in Berlin. It was a scientifically very stimulating meeting and provided the opportunity to visit colleagues that recently joined the newly founded institute. I am very grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to present some of our work on how proteins control translation. Many thanks for inviting me!

Audience_Talk(Picture courtesy of Dr. Stefanie Scharf)

11 Oct

October 5th-8th, 2014 – The Complex Life of RNA Meeting in Heidelberg

Complex-Life-of-RNAThe Complex Life of RNA is back! It is the third time the RNA community gathers in Heidelberg to discuss the latest scientific findings. It was great to meet a lot of friends in this exciting environment. In parallel to the conference we had organized a gathering of (junior) group leaders working on all aspects of RNA biology. I enjoyed very much chatting with you during dinner and I am looking forward to seeing you again next year – same time, same place!

20 Apr

BioSysNet Conference

BioSysNet-SymposiumVery exciting! The whole lab just returned from the Symposium `From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology` hosted by BioSysNet and Baygene in Munich at the Klinikum rechts der Isar.
It was three days of fascinating talks, intense and exciting discussions and meeting friends and colleagues from near and far! We would like to thank especially the organizing team around Ulrike Kaltenhauser and Claudia Szeibert for making things happen. It was a wonderful and inspiring meeting!