Course Information

Prior to the course we would like to share some information with you regarding safety measures, traveling etc. This page will be updated regularly with new information.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Again, thank you very much for your interest in the ribosome profiling course! We are very much looking forward to hosting you in Regensburg!


  • Jan Medenbach, Phone +49-941-943 1721 Mail
  • Kinga Ay, Phone +49-941-943 3111 Mail

The lab has been setup and we are looking forward to welcoming you on Monday!

Coronavirus measures

To prevent the spread of SARS-CoV2, strict rules apply to all participants:

  • All participants either need to be fully vaccinated or have recovered from a recent infection (German 2G rules). Please provide the relevant evidence prior to the course; additionally, on the first day of the course the documents will be checked again.
  • A recent antigen test with a negative result needs to be provided on the first day of the course (not older than 48h)
  • Also, we recommend frequent self-testing during the course. We can provide a limited number of antigen test, however, we recommend to bring additional tests.  


Information on traveling to Regensburg can be found on the webpage The nearest airport is Munich International Airport. Frequent trains operate between the airport and Regensburg, alternatively, a shuttle service can be booked.

IMPORTANT: prior to travelling, make sure to comply with all rules and obligations for traveling to and within Germany (e.g. vaccination status).

Getting around Regensburg: In Regensburg, public transportation will get you almost everywhere. Buses operate on a frequent basis between the train station, the old town, and the University. Please find a pdf map of the bus routes here.


There are in principle two options for accommodation in Regensburg (1) a hotel close to the University, or (2) a hotel close to or within the old town. When staying within walking distance to the University you might miss out on the nightlife and tourist attractions present in the old town. On the other hand, staying downtown necessitates transportation to and from the University. Buses operate on a frequent basis (approx. every 10 minutes) at a fare of approx. 2.60 € per ride.

Here you can find a map with hotels

Virtual Kick-off Meeting

Prior to the course, we will have a Zoom meeting which will allow us to meet each other in person (at least virtually) before the actual course starts in Regensburg:

Date of the kickoff meeting April 22nd, 2p.m. CET.
We want to use this meeting to introduce ourselves to each other. For this we want to ask you to prepare two slides: (1) about your person and/or hobbies and (2) about your research interests. These slides should serve for a very brief introduction of yourselves (approx. 2min) so we can learn about each other. You can either send the slides (preferred format pdf) to me, or we would allow screen sharing for all participants.

We would further use the opportunity to briefly introduce the course and its aim.
Looking forward to virtually meeting you!

Where do we meet for the course?

Monday April 25th, 9 a.m. sharp, Southern entrance to the building `Westliche Naturwissenschaften´ (see map below). One of us will pick you up at the entrance and guide you to the lecture hall.

Campus of the University of Regensburg. The course venue is marked in red (building Westliche Naturwisssenschaften). The two nearest bus stops are highlighted.

What to bring?

  • Lab coat, protective glasses (if possible)
  • Coronavirus documentation and recent test result (mandatory)
  • FFP2 masks for the course
  • Coronavirus selftests (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Motivation

We will have a limited amount of coats, safety glasses, masks, and Coronavirus test kits available as a backup


For the course, you will be paired up with a course participant from Regensburg. This tandem pairing with a local student will help you to get around in Regensburg and the University – you always have a person you can ask, if necessary.


Feel free to post about the course in social media. You can use the following Twitter handle and tag the labs:

  • #RibosomeProfiling
  • @medenbachlab
  • @SFB960

A WhattsApp Group is available, please contact Andreas Meindl (email) so he can add you (if you like). In case you have problems getting around Regensburg, finding the venue, or else? – feel free to post in the group so we can help immediately.

Recommended reading:

I am not providing any specialized literature on specific aspects of ribosom eprofiling but rather two general reviews that give abroad overview over the technique. Both are excellently written!

  • Genet 15, 205-213, doi:10.1038/nrg3645 (2014). Ingolia NT, Hussmann JA, Weissman JS. 2019. Ribosome Profiling: Global Views of Translation. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 11
  • Ingolia, N. T. Ribosome profiling: new views of translation, from single codons to genome scale. Nat Rev Genet 15, 205-213, doi:10.1038/nrg3645 (2014). Ingolia NT, Hussmann JA, Weissman JS. 2019. Ribosome Profiling: Global Views of Translation. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 11


Short talks

For Tuesday afternoon we are planning a small workshop with project discussions. For this, we would kindly ask you to prepare a short presentation of your research project with a particular emphasis how ribosome profiling would support your project. This presentation should be a kind of elevator pitch of 5 minutes. You will have the possibility to discuss your project and the intended application of the method with the tutors and the other participants.