11 Mar

Nobel laureate Randy Schekman talks about unconventional secretion of protein and RNA

Photos courtsey of Andreas FuchsStudents of the Regensburg International Graduate School for Life Sciences (RIGeL) invited Randy Schekman (UC Berkeley) for an honorary lecture to Regensburg. In 2013, together with his colleagues James Rothmann (Yale University) and Thomas Südhof (Stanford University), Randy received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his groundbreaking work on cellular trafficking. It was an exciting event with great science and lots of fun! (Photos courtsey of Andreas Fuchs)

6 Oct

November 3rd, 2015 – Guest speaker: Dr. Fillip Port – CANCELED

Fillip-PortWe are very much looking forward to a visit from Dr. Fillip Port from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the MRC in Cambridge. Leading the CRISPR project in the lab of Simon Bullock, Fillip has pioneered the use of the Cas9 endonuclease in genomic engineering of Drosophila. This technique now allows the introduction of mutations at single nucleotide resolution and to integrate exogenous sequences at predefined loci. Today a Drosophila toolbox is available that consists of transgenic cas9 strains and versatile gRNA expression plasmids for various applications, including germ line mutagenesis, precise knock-ins and tissue specific genetic screens. Further information about this can be found on the CRISPR fly design webpage and in the Blog.

In his talk Fillip will  present how he is using CRISPR/cas-mediated genome engineering to gain novel insights into the mechanism and functional relevance of mRNA localisation in the nervous system. Feel free to join us for some exciting science on November 3rd at 5p.m. in H53!


5 Oct

December 3rd, 2015 – Guest speaker: Dr. Arnold Grünweller

Arnold-GruenwellerTime to announce another speaker for this year’s SFB960 seminar series: Dr. Arold Grünweller from the Philipps-University Marburg. On December 3rd 2015 at 2p.m. Arnold will share with us the latest research on novel inhibitors and RNA-based therapeutic strategies to target the Pim-1 kinase, an important regulator in a number of aggressive tumors. Pim-1 inhibitors also exhibit substantial antiviral activity by interfering with translation initiation and Arnold will also elude on the latest acitivities to treat Ebola-infected cells with the inhibitors.

22 Jun

July 7th, 2015 – Guest Speaker: Dr. Christian Preusser

Christian-PreusserOn july 7th Dr. Christain Preusser from the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen will visit us in Regensburg and give a talk entitled: Characterization of the polyadenylation complex in the human parasite Trypanosoma brucei.

For RNA biologists Trypanosmes are a very interesting model system as they use many unusual mechanisms to produce mature mRNAs. This includes extensive editing of transcripts (in the single Trypanosome mitochondrion a substantial number of Uracil residues is not genetically encoded but rather introduced after transcription) and a unique splicing mechanism that involves the joining of sequences from different RNA molecules: trans splicing.

Christian has worked extensively on the identification and characterization of factors that are involved in in RNA processing in trypanosomes and in his talk he will present the latest findings regarding the 3′ end processing and polydenylation machinery.