17 Jul

New publication: Investigating the Prevalence of RNA-Binding Metabolic Enzymes in E. coli

RNA interactome studies suggested that numerous metabolic enzymes possess the ability to bind RNA. This has fueled the REM hypothesis that describes the regulatory interplay of RNAs, metabolic enzymes and metabolites. In a collaborative effort, a consortium comprising the Meister, Suess, and Rossbach labs and headed by the Babinger lab, has investigated RNA binding of select enzymes in E.coli using iCLIP, SELEX, MST, and EMSA experiments. This revealed specific RNA interaction of glutamate-5-kinase (ProB) and quinone oxidoreductase (QorA). It will be exciting to learn about the functional consequences and the biological importance of these protein RNA interactions. The open-access publication can be found here: weblink.

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