18 Oct

December 8th, 2016 – Guest Speaker: Elmar Wahle


In December we will have another great talk: Elmar Wahle from the Martin-Luther Universit├Ąt Halle-Wittenberg will present exciting findings regarding ‘Post-transcriptional regulation of maternal mRNA during early embryonic development: The nanos mRNA of Drosophila‘.

During the early development of animal embryos, the zygotic nucleus is not transcribed. Instead, protein synthesis is driven by maternal mRNAs that were synthesized during oocyte development and stockpiled in an inactive state. Thus, regulation of protein synthesis in early embryos is post-transcriptional. A prominent example is the nanos mRNA of Drosophila, regulation of which is essential for the formation of the anterior-posterior axis of the embryo (see also here). Synthesis of the Nanos protein is driven by small fraction of nanos mRNA that is localized at the posterior pole. The bulk of nanos mRNA is distributed uniformly throughout the embryo and is translationally repressed and decays gradually.

Elmar and his team are investigating the mechanisms controlling translational repression and degradation of the non-localized nanos mRNA. Some of the proteins that they have identified as constituents of the repressor complex are universally involved in translational repression and mRNA degradation, suggesting that their findings may have significance beyond the regulation of maternal mRNAs.

So mark your calendar and join us for exciting science on December 8th at 2p.m. in H53!




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